Classroom Management: Assignments and Late Policy

During the first week of school, students will form “base groups” of four and exchange phone numbers. Students in a base group are encouraged to meet several times a week and make sure everyone in the group is keeping up with notes and assignments. If a student in the base group is absent, the other members should contact him/her and offer assistance.

Homework Practice work

It’s not homework, it’s practice work. Practice work is essential for mastery, and it will be graded.

  • All assignments must be headed with the student’s name, class period, and date.
  • All students are responsible for completing assignments and turning them in on time.
  • Assignments will be made available for download on the teacher’s website. However, absent students are still responsible for getting lecture notes from other students.
  • On the day the practice work is due, the answers will be displayed before the tardy bell rings. This gives students a chance to get a good feel of how they scored before turning it in.

Students are responsible for missing assignments

If a student did not do the assignment by the due date, the student must fill out and sign a Student Responsibility Pact. Everyone must turn in something, whether it’s the assignment or a signed pact.

Late assignment policy

  • Late assignments will be docked 10 points for each day they are late.
  • All assignments must be turned in by Friday. If it’s not in before the teacher leaves at the end of the day on Friday, the assignment will receive a zero.

For example, if practice work is due on Tuesday, and it’s turned in on Friday, 30 points will automatically be taken off. If practice work is due on Friday and it’s turned in the next Monday, it will receive a zero.

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