Graphing Linear Equations Poster Project Lesson Plan

Lesson Focus

In this lesson, students will demonstrate their knowledge of linear equations by working in groups to graph them on posters and answer questions about their relationships.

Grade Level

10th Grade Geometry (STAAR)

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills

111.41.G.1, G.2

Instructional Model

Direct and Interactive Instruction

Description of Strategy Implementation

Before students arrive, the teacher groups the tables together and assigns four students per table. After a warm-up on finding slope, each group of students will be given a miniature poster template, an index card with two coordinates, a large piece of Post-It graph paper, and markers.

The students will use the entire class period to draw and label the axes, plot the points, draw parallel and perpendicular lines, plot the midpoint, write the formulas and the linear equations, and answer questions.

The students will then hang their posters in the hall.


The students will be assessed for both the accuracy and completion of their poster as well as their individual participation in the groups.


While this was a good idea for solidifying knowledge of linear equations, in practice it failed. The groups as a whole produced good work, but individual students from each group were not held accountable for their learning and thus did not walk away with any deeper knowledge. Over the next few days, it was apparent that many students were still not getting it. On the other hand, other geometry teachers at the same school remarked that their classes were struggling with linear equations as well. Using the big posters was nice and the students got to practice using tools like draftsmen, but the implementation can be improved.

Additional Materials


Examples of Student Work


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